Sunday, July 24, 2011


Different types of simple love exist.
Cherish each and every single type of love.

In our life,
There are people coming in and going out.
People that came, may stay and might leave.
The one that stayed, bringing in memories everyday.
Those are the ones you loved without even noticing.
Those are the ones that people called true friends.

In our life,
There are people who have been staying by our side.
For eternity, for lifes.
They will leave one day when you grow.
Those are the ones that loved you from their heart.
You may not see it, you might not notice it.
Those are the ones people called family.

In our life,
There are people who will be coming in.
Those are the ones you will be leaving them.
Those people that come in may guide you.
Those are the people that will teach you.
Those are the ones that you will be only meeting for a period of time.
They are those willing to sacrify.
Those are the ones people called teachers.

In our life,
There are people who got attracted to you.
Those are the ones that will be part of you.
Either for a short period or a longer period of time.
It may also be eternity.
Those are the ones who once cared for you.
Those are the ones who will do everything for you.
Those are the ones who thinks bout you.
Even if they left, who knows.
They might be the ones still thinking and worrying bout you.
Those are the ones people called partners.

Each and every single things you do, people whom you met, they might be the ones, who once loved you, and once loved by you.
You never know, when will you lost them and when will they disappear.
For the mean time, i understand this simple feelings and thoughts.

Cherish, is such an important word.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

It's Saddening to suddenly be reminded of everything.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Results are out.

For this semester:

LifeSpan Nutrition: B
Biostatistics: B
Food Microbio: C
Food ingredient: D
Unit Operation of Food Processing: D
Food Biotechnology: D+
Food Chemistry: F

Study hard and that's what the ending results are.
Hmmm, Guess what,
By seeing the modules i failed, I guess.
We have the same thinking...
ME and YANHUAN are the SAME!

But, I shouldn't be failing. -__-
It's common test, not quiz.
And what?
Everything applies for GPA.
And if i fail again, it means.
GPA will fall.

Seriously, i rather go back to secondary school.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Powerpoint slides!
Yeah! I loved this powerpoint slide i made.
It's seriously wonderful. HAHA!
My hardwork eh~

Anw, Hate to say.
After CT, Things aren't going right.
I tot studying for so much, i will get something out of it.
Guess what, I think i should not study so hard for it.
It won't give me an A, it won't give me an F too.
They just degrade me.
What's the point of studying so hard, you tell me?

People say study hard!
Get good grades.
PUI! I study hard, i get poorer grades than what i suppose to get.
What's this?
God, can you don't make my life so difficult?
Maybe it's my problem.
Maybe i didn't study the correct way.
But, this had happened alot of times.
So, I don't think it's my fault.

Since primary school, I get average grades.
It's not that good, so i went for extra tuition lessons.
And what i've got, was many many Fs.
That's when i knew, I can't go on additional tuition on my own.
Seriously, Are you telling me i can't study hard like other people does?
Whenever i study hard, I get poorer results.
Whenever i don't study or nv really study for it, I get better grades.

Fine, People thinks that's better.
But, It hurts.
I can't get what i want even when i did so much for it.
Everything seems like..

I am taking everything for granted.

Hey, I did studied for it.

Monday, July 04, 2011

Frustrated for being sick at the wrong timing.
Even more frustrated when you're already sick and there're still test going on.
And what's ever worst is, reports aren't done when deadline is the next day.
Urgh, i should have spend my holidays doing all the homework first.
Who knows the virus come attack me?

Well, ytd i am totally stuck at home.
when the day before i am still so hyper and having fun with 2 crazies.
Doing nothing seriously, even making notes makes me feel like dying.
I can't stand the weakness in my body.
Didn't study much, but slept alot.
It's like from 7pm to 11pm den slept again till 1am for med,
den slept again till 7am for med, ard 10 plus den i woke.
Totally felt like a PIG!

Today F.Biotech,
I think even if i memorise the whole set of lectures correctly ah.
I still won't manage to get everything correct.
Cos, the lecturer nv tell us practical is in it too.
And who know what enzymes is in BREAD DOUGH!
I think, confirm is either a D or worst F.
I just need to say, GOOD BYE~
*fly kiss to my marks*

PS: still feeling weak. Like weak bread dough.

Friday, July 01, 2011

One week of storm ended,
and there, another one is coming.

Yes, one week of common test is finally over.
And next time there're 2 more papers to go.
Common test isn't too hard if you have prepared for it.
However, there's always some killer papers.
It suck. Nobody like it.
I don't understand why teachers want to set such a difficult paper
And of cos, knowing most of them won't get it right.
But it's a good thing for the SEM exam. :)
Things will go bit better. :D

Common test week is fine with me,
Every night facing those chunks of words and paper.
It's like preparing for what major exams for Uni.
I studied harder than i am in secondary school.
It's like wow, people said poly life is easier.
Poly like is easier if you don't care about your grades. :)

Continue to mug as much as you can.
Score a good grade, go in a good uni.
And start off with a good work. :)